Necessary Documents

The following list of items has been compiled for your convenience. You will need to bring this information to your mortgage application in order to expedite the processing of your mortgage loan.

>> Be sure to consult your mortgage professional before you gather any information.

The documentation needs for your specific situation may vary.  (Sometimes, very few doc’s are needed.)

  • A check for your credit report and appraisal
  • Your residence addresses for the past two years
  • Names, addresses and phone number of your landlords for the past two years
  • Present value of all real estate owned
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers and contact person for all employers for the last two years
  • W-2 Forms for all employers for the last two years
  • Pay stubs covering the most recent 30 day period (all current jobs)
  • Addresses, account numbers and current balances for all checking, savings and other deposit accounts
  • Three most recent months’ bank statements (all accounts, all pages)
  • Evidence of alimony or child support, a copy of the court order and ages of child(ren)
  • Copy of divorce decree and separation agreement
  • Social security and other benefit award letters if being used toward qualifying income
  • Documentation relating to any special issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgements or other credit issues.


DD214 of Certificate of Eligibility (original)


Two years personal tax returns

  • Two years partnership/corporate tax returns (if applicable)
  • Year to date profit and loss statement, signed by accountant


Complete ratified contract of sale (all pages)


In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. is required to obtain a copy of the documents used in identifying our new account customers. This notice is being provided to you for adequate notice given under this act.